Nyack Paranormal Develops New Tool to Test
Dowsing Rods-
The Secure and Steady Dowsing Rods
The Rig

This rig is designed to keep the aluminum handles (or other metal) in a fixed and  parallel position.  This will not allow individual manipulation of the copper rods. Theoretically the rods should not cross or splay unless a greater than human force is at work.

In addition to the fixed handles, there is a round bulls eye level mounted on the top of the lower cross beam.  The user is required to maintain level throughout the procedure for dowsing.  With a little practice and concentration, one can do it while walking around.

For those who utilize rods for paranormal research, the rig can mount on a tripod, set to be level, and gripped while standing or sitting in a stationary place. you can use them just as you use any set of rods.  An optional stand allows you to place it on a flat surface for display or a level surface for use.

An optional compass can detect magnetic fields that might affect your progress or use it to orient yourself parallel or perpendicular to the Earth's poles. The rods are .999 pure copper.


The rig is shown on a tripod.  A full size tripod provides a more secure set up. Handles are rigid and fixed.


The Theory

Most Dowsers I have spoken to state that they may manipulate rods subconsciously as channeled energy. Others report many instances where they feel they did not manipulate the rods themselves. It may be telekinesis, it may be external forces, it may be spirits? The Secure and Steady Dowsing Rod will help answer those questions by limiting the human variable.

As a Training Tool

If you have the skill or talents for dowsing rods to work with you, this rig can be used as a training tool.  If rods are just an indicator of your internal energy or channeled external energy, this rig will inhibit your outward physical response allowing you to concentrate on your inner 'feelings'.  You can develop your skills at recognizing the energy without the use of a tool. It is a similar process to biofeedback training or using training wheels when learning to ride a bicycle.

Although this rig is not intended to be used specifically as a scientific tool, it does provide a level of control during experiments, research and investigations.

Here you can see the round bubble level allowing the user to maintain a proper XYZ axis.


We tested five units in the field with good friends of ours (NR, KB & JG, CM and JC).  They are very much interested in finding out what may be behind hits with dowsing rods and are totally approaching the project with open minds and accurate representation.  Feedback so far has been very positive as can be seen in the testimonials below. We would enjoy hearing of your experiences with these rods.

Rig shown with removable stand and compass.


The Secure and Steady Dowsing Rods


Secure and Steady Dowsing Rods
(Patent Pending)

Test and develop your dowsing skills. 
Minimize the question of human manipulation.  Improve the credibility of responses.
Use for water and other material dowsing.
Use in paranormal investigating.


Dowsing Rods SOLD OUT
Please inquire if interested- These may not be re-stocked

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"I highly recommend these for anyone who still believes Dowsing Rods can find and/or detect ghosts. This device takes much of the human manipulation out of the equation."

Kenny Biddle- P.I.R.A.

"Silverstein's "dowsing rig" is a top notch item that can finally take the guess work out of one of the paranormals oldest tools of the trade; eliminating the possibilities of self movement, a genius invention that will help push the entire field of investigation ahead."

Jason Gowin- A&E's Extreme Paranormal


"As a water dowser, I have found these Dowsing Rods to be incredibly stable when using on a tripod. I still have had success with the rods moving while taking out the manipulation equation that Kenny is speaking about."

Nance Ratliff- PARA, Et.Al.

"The 'Secure and Steady Divining Rods' Device is the just the first step to producing credibility to dowsing rods; Mitch has taken the action to do so.  Thank, Mitch, for allowing ROPE to be one of the 5 testing subjects for this project!"

Crystal Meyers- R.O.P.E.


Read the critical review of the early prototype by K. Biddle of PIRA



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Thank you!




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