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March 2012
Update July 2014

By Stephanie Bohn

We at NPI have been made aware of the fact, far too many times to mention, that there are people out there who truly believe that they have captured evidence of the paranormal simply because they are unfamiliar with how the equipment they are using works. What we usually do when we come across this is keep quiet; mainly because we do not like to argue. In our experience, when we challenge their views, we have almost always been met with resistance, defensiveness, anger, and emotions spiraling out of control. They want so badly to believe, that they cling tenaciously to what they want to see and what they want to hear. There is nothing wrong with wanting to believe, but it should not be at the expense of the truth. It is challenging to reason with people in this state so it seemed to make sense to leave it alone.

 In the recent past, however, we at NPI have come across two teams who were not only open to discussion about such topics, but were also willing to accept the possibility that mistakes may have been made. It was wonderfully refreshing and rare to come across such open-mindedness. When broaching subjects like these, and when the people broaching do not like to argue, it can be a stressful situation indeed, and one only entered into when at the ends of our proverbial ropes. NPI does not claim to have ALL of the answers when it comes to this subject, but if the cause of the anomaly or anomalous condition is fully known to NPI, it is hard to stand idly by. Sometimes it is nearly impossible to keep our lips buttoned.

 In light of the open reception we received at the hands of both groups, we have decided that we can no longer stand idly by. We plan to write a series of explanations for what many a paranormal investigation group calls evidence, when it is actually nothing of the sort. The groups we had spoken to simply did not know, they were not in possession of the proper information and they were actually grateful to know. What if there are other groups out there that are also not knowing? We do not share this information because we want to be mean, or because we think we know everything, or because we want to rain on anyone's parade. We share it because it is, simply, the truth.

 It must be said, however, that we are not skeptics or cynics. All that you have read here thus far could possibly be construed as such. We differ from skeptics in that we both have had our own experiences that we cannot explain away. We have seen things that we cannot explain; I have felt a hand clutch the back of my leg only to turn and see no one there, we have heard voices on recordings. There are skeptics who claim to have never heard a convincing EVP, but we have. We do not dismiss for the sake of dismissing, as a cynic might, and we do not believe for the sake of believing. We believe that we fall into an entirely different category, that of the objective. We are open to possibilities, but we listen to reason.

 There are explanations that we have; there are things that we do know. We will present them here because it no longer feels right to remain silent. It is time for us to be forthright about what we think and believe in order to shed some light on matters and hopefully come across other open-minded, objective groups who are interested in a dialogue, and who are interested in learning. We did not become involved with paranormal investigation for any other reason other than to know. It was not because we wanted to be on TV or achieve fame of any kind. It was because we genuinely want to know whether ghosts exist. We have known many people who say they don't want to be on TV, but as soon as they are asked, off they go. We have been asked and we have said no each time. Our aim is not to entertain; it is to KNOW and to LEARN. We sincerely hope that you, the reader, feel the same. If you do, read on!

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